The Board of Directors approved to reopen the Northwood Pointe pool for recreational swimming beginning Saturday, November 14th with the hours from 6:00 am—10:00 pm daily. Please continue to adhere to the CDC Guidelines by maintaining at least six (6) feet of distance from others and be courteous to others while in the pool area, at all times. Please wipe down anything you may have touched after use, and keep in mind that you are utilizing the pool at your own risk.

The Association is taking all steps to help mitigate the risk of contracting any known or unknown pathogens through routine sanitation cleaning and water chemical balancing. Despite that, there is always a risk and it is the responsibility of all those who enter the pool area to do what they can to help avoid a potential spreading or exposure to COVID-19. If you or anybody in your home is not feeling well, or has been around anybody who has been sick, please do not enter the pool area.

We truly appreciate your attention to this matter.